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software engineer · he/him


staff software engineer at google, working on google search frontend infrastructure.

also 20%'ed in the doctor who's 50th anniversary and robert moog's 78th birthday doodles.

research scientist in a previous life.

select projects

a few fun coding projects, to scratch my coding itch and learn more about (web) tech that I don't get to work with in a professional setting.

turtleturtle · a turtle graphics implementation

a silly implementation of a turtle graphics engine.

includes a set of builders that turn turtle instructions into bytecode, plus a vm + canvas renderer.

code demo

calculator · a functional programming language + repl

started as a simple repl to evaluates mathematical expressions and learn about parsers.

scope creeped in, and became a fully-fledged functional programming language and standard library. check mathlib to get a feeling of it!


r3zst · a cyberpunk-themed roguelike game

unfinished game, served as a coding playground where I learned some webgl, es6, entity-component systems, and game engine building.

code play